The Story Lounge

Stories are what connect us to our families, our friends and our communities. They share the way we see the world and communicate our priorities and needs.

As part of the Faces In Spaces project, Ferment Collaborate installed a mobile lounge room setting called The Story Lounge in Darwin public spaces. Here we asked people to share their stories about public space and their experiences using these spaces and safety.
We spoke with 30 people through Story Lounge activities setup at Faces In Spaces Green Room and Arts On The Move events and with service providers including the Foundation of Rehabilitation with Aboriginal Alcohol Related Difficulties (FORWARRD), Mi Place for people experiencing mental health issues and with Larrakia Nation providing support for homeless Indigenous people (known as long grassers).

Story Lounge aimed to collect a diversity of stories and to present these as a broad representation of the different types of people who use public spaces in Darwin.

To watch the films below, just click on any of the squares.

If you hold your mouse over a square it will give you a name for each film and a description of the person’s who’s shared their stories.

A pop up screen will then allow you to watch the film.

We hope you enjoy this diversity of stories shared by people from Darwin as part of the Faces In Spaces Story Lounge.

The Story Lounge calendar included:

  • 9 August – Vesteys Beach, Fannie Bay with Arts On The Move
  • 10 August – Working with Mi Place, Coconut Grove
  • 11 August – East Point Southern Coastal Carpark Green Room
  • 12 September – East Point with Arts On The Move
  • 13 September – Tamarind Park Arts On The Move
  • 14 September – Working with Larrakia Nation, Coconut Grove
  • 10 October – Parap Village Green Room
  • 11 October – Working with FORWAARD, Stuart Park
  • 12 October – Nightcliff Village Green Room
  • 15 November – Vesteys Beach, Fannie Bay with Arts On The Move
  • 16 November – Nightcliff Foreshore with the Green Room